Dieting is Easier When You Love the Food

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Imagine this ...

You've decided to start a diet tomorrow. And this time, it's going to be different.

THIS time you're prepared.

- You've thrown out all the tempting foods that usually spell disaster for your dieting attempts.

- You've planned what you're going to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner and have a couple of snacks ready to get you over the mid-morning and afternoon humps.

THIS time, it's going to last longer than a day!

You can just SEE yourself on the beach, feeling confident and proud of your new body. You almost can't wait for the morning to come ...

The alarm goes off, and your plan goes into action. The fruit and yogurt breakfast you prepared the night before is delicious and satisfying and you almost bounce out of the front door - what a great start to the day!

Mid-morning, you eat your snack and order your lunch from the local salad bar. You already decided what you were going to eat, so no need to go in there and be tempted by the cheesecake dessert. You just call and place your order for a fresh,
healthy salad and eat it at your desk.

By mid-afternoon, you're ready for your second snack and looking forward to the dinner you're going to make tonight, a dish of chicken and rice in a low-fat sauce that you found in a "gourmet diet" cookbook.

By 5pm you're finishing off an important presentation for the morning when you suddenly get the blue screen of death!

Praying that autosave worked, you reboot your PC only to discover that the last hour's work has disappeared. Sighing, you grab a coffee and start to reproduce it and it's after 6 by the time you're happy with it.

7pm and you're home ... tired and hungry and looking forward to your meal .. which, you now realise, you now have to prepare and cook and which won't be ready for over an hour.

The LAST thing you feel like doing now is cooking! And you're not just hungry, you're RAVENOUS! You rummage through the refrigerator but your planning was just TOO good - raw chicken, a few vegetables ... and you need to eat NOW!

You're almost in tears at the thought of ANOTHER diet failing before it's even started, but you're too tired to resist ...

you pick up the phone and call for a pizza.

BUT what if things had been very different?

- What if, when you looked in the refrigerator you found a delicious gourmet meal already prepared?

- What if all you had to do was reheat it and your nutritious, balanced dinner would be ready in less than 10 minutes? (faster than the pizza guy could even get there!)

- What if your evening meal not only tasted GREAT, it left you feeling satisfied?

- What if ALL your meals were planned for you by an doctor and prepared by a top chef?

- What if all you had to do was heat, eat and lose weight - - what could be easier?

Wouldn't dieting be EASY if you loved the food and it was already prepared for you?

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- What if this was a typical day's menu?

A toasty English muffin with a side of Turkey Sausage and Egg Whites.
BBQ Chicken - Tender chicken in our own barbeque sauce served with roasted vegetables and fresh steamed broccoli.
Snack 1:
Our high protein Fudge Graham Crisp N' Crunch Bar is a great snack filled with the combined flavors of graham crackers and fudge. Great for a grab and go snack!
Snack 2:
Sour Cream & Onion Soy Snack
Poached North Atlantic Salmon Filet - Flakes of north Atlantic salmon are tossed with young leaf spinach, wild rice medley, oven dried cranberries and toasted sliced almonds. Garnished with fresh dill and dressed with a lemon Dijon and rice wine sauce.

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